August 18, 2016


Black Mecha – Taureau Rouge

RBMA Drone Activity In Progress
September 30, 2016
Montreal, Quebec, Canada                                                                                                           Studio Griffintown

Black Mecha automates live in the flesh on September 30, 2016 in la belle province.


Internal Masonry: Iamanaxe

Internal Masonry Publications
February 5, 2016

Internal Masonry: Iamanaxe provides the first official introduction into “the work” of Internal Masonry. The booklet contains fundamental explanation of the creative rumination ideas developed by Internal Masonry, as well as, key philosophical concepts. Through verse, discourse, exegesis, and symbol, Internal Masonry: Iamanaxe, erects life enhancing insight from the Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry.


RAVE011_Cover (2)

Black Mecha – AA

The Death Of Rave
October 8, 2015

side 1
Planet Hunter AA

side 2
Starship Aspicio
Black Ray


Black Mecha – AA

Official Communiqué
October 5, 2015
Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry

Black Mecha – AA provides fragmented metaphoric sci-fi audio conceptualization based around some of the formative ideology developed by the Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry. With centralized focus on the deterrence and defence technique aspects of Internal Masonry, namely, Black Ray and its resulting Architecture Antithesis, or AA, mental effect, the six tracks create a realm conducive to execution of thought rumination, and an embankment for sharp inner pathways.

Overall, enjoy this music in your own way, because that is the only way of Black Mecha!

Autumn 2015

Black Mecha track, titled, Black Ray, from upcoming AA release on The Death Of Rave, included on Conor Thomas themed edition of Electronic Explorations.