Black Mecha – Sect C

September 8, 2020
Cassette Tape

Sect C
Corundum Astute
Pheromonal Embodiment
Edged Entity
Axis Mundi Dildo
Goat’s Foot Lever

Statement from Madriguera:

Black Mecha – Sect C (Mdrgr-026)

In 2019 we released a limited cassette reissue of the “Black Mecha – Star ‘round Cane” album originally issued as a CDr by Internal Masonry Publications. Within the last couple of years Black Mecha has also collaborated with labels such as The Death of Rave, Profound Lore, and Independent Woman Records.

We now present you with an exclusive cassette tape release of new material from this project in the form of “Sect C”.

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January 7, 2020

Black Mecha – Mechanised available on Boomkat

“We can surely say that Black Mecha’s staunch values are firmly in effect on ‘Mechanised’, the project’s Xth or 10th release since their ‘AA’ side landed like white hot space junk from an alien destroyer in 2015. The inclusion of panic-setting vocal samples from film and TV lends a key difference to this EP, cropping up at opportune junctures to light off the title track’s brain-drilling squabble and clawing rhythms, and suitably sparking up and sustaining the febrile churn of ‘Operations’, which comes on to grip like the rapid onset of influenza or some unidentified space sickness, before the roiling mass of ‘With Gunships’ burns out like a planet destroyer expending every last bit of laser energy on its way down.”    –Boomkat


January 1, 2020


Black Mecha – Counterforce deemed “disc of the decade” by Esquire Italia

“‘We are only in it for the money’ diceva Zappa. In un certo senso è cosi’, anche se oramai i soldi rappresentano nell’oggidì qualcosa di completamente evaporato che esiste solo come terrorismo e castrazione psicologica; in realtà a livello fisico / reale sono solo carta da culo ( la banana di Cattelan docet).

Ecco perché le classifiche dei migliori dischi rappresentano specularmente questo discorso da subconscio capitalista, questo bisogno di creare podi anche se alla fine chi partecipa alla gara è un numero parziale, falsato già in partenza, dietro il quale si celano molti caduti sul campo che magari poi dopo anni verranno riesumati senza rispetto e senza pudore. Ci rifiutiamo quindi di partecipare a questo carrozzone? No anzi, accettiamo la sfida portando all’ estremo la parzialità e l’ inconsistenza delle nostre affermazioni.

Il disco del decennio è Counterforce, di Black Mecha. Perché è un disco che potrebbero tutti provare a fare, solarizzato da tanto nero che non si vede l’opera, tra accrocchi elettronici e programmi craccati in un sottoproletariato black metal che ha superato il metal portandolo nel metallo di cui è fatto il case del computer. Come si fosse fatto da solo, senza autori.”

(Demented Burrocacao)

“’We are only in it for the money’ said Zappa. In a certain sense it is so, even if by now money represents in the obedience something completely evaporated that exists only as terrorism and psychological castration; in reality on a physical / real level they are only ass paper (the Cattelan banana docet).

That’s why the rankings of the best records mirror this discourse as a capitalist subconscious, this need to create podiums even if in the end who participates in the race is a partial number, distorted already at the start, behind which are hidden many fallen on the field that maybe later after years they will be exhumed without respect and without modesty. Do we therefore refuse to participate in this bandwagon? No indeed, we accept the challenge by taking the partiality and inconsistency of our statements to the extreme.

The disc of the decade is Counterforce , by Black Mecha. Because it is a record that everyone could try to do, solarized by so much black that the work cannot be seen, between electronic interlocks and programs cracked in a black metal subproletariat that has surpassed metal by bringing it into the metal of which the computer case is made . As if it were done alone, without authors.”

(Demented Lip Balm)

Esquire Italia

June 29, 2019

Statement from Madriguera for Black Mecha – Star ’round Cane:

Black Mecha – Star ‘round Cane (Mdrgr-020)

Madriguera is proud to present a cassette reissue of this now out-of-print recording by Black Mecha originally released as a CD-R by Internal Masonry Publications in 2017. Black Mecha is a hard to categorize project from WOLD’s mastermind Fortress Crookedjaw, drawing influences from Techno, Old-School Rhythmic Noise/Industrial, and Black Metal to create his unique vision of Mentation Electronics. Previous releases can be found in labels such as “The Death of Rave”,”Internal Masonry Publications”, “Profound Lore Records”, and “Independent Woman Records”.

Madriguera will be releasing new material by Black Mecha later this year. Stay tuned.


Black Mecha – Star ’round Cane

May 20, 2019
Cassette Tape

High Ram
Star ’round Cane
Terminal Claw of Tibia
Malleus Mantearia
Preying Mantis
Ansuz Asterism

Internal Masonry is most pleased to announce a limited cassette tape edition of Black Mecha – Star ‘round Cane released by, US based, Puerto Rican ally, Madriguera

Black Mecha – SrC tracks posted at Madriguera SoundCloud:

Black Mecha – Instar

Black Mecha – High Ram

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Black Mecha – Black Mechanical DJ set at The White Hotel

The Death of Rave
March 5, 2019
Cassette Tape

(1) Black Mechanical DJ set at The White Hotel

“This tape renders a recording of Black Mecha’s first Black Mechanical DJ set captured direct to microphone with no edits. Performing with the crowd to his back, Black Mecha proceeded to charge the air with deadly-focussed intent, powerfully iterating what he terms “Mentation Electronics”; maybe best understood as a transcendence of noumenal energy into meta/physics – or what is also known as hyperstition. Simultaneously eviscerating and yet life-affirming to attendees, the performance unleashed dark cosmic forces upon a crowd who were hypnotised into submission for the duration. You had to be there. But if you weren’t, this tape renders a tangible yet elusive document of that night – 60 minutes of pummelling bass ricocheting a Lower Broughton warehouse, interjected by shoooming smoke machine and cries of ecstasy/pain from those who crawled out of the woodwork to witness this rarely paralleled alignment of energies.”



Pentamerous Glossolalia

Internal Masonry Publications
February 15, 2019

Croww – Peristalsis
Nine Orifices – Winter’s Harsh Prick
Nine Orifices – Through Possession
Black Mecha – Moonstone Crystal
Black Mecha – Trivac

Internal Masonry is pleased to announce:  Pentamerous Glossolalia; a trilateral split release between Croww, Nine Orifices, and Black Mecha, on limited black/black CD-R format; featuring original screen-print art design by Pippi Zornoza.

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