March 23, 2018

Black Mecha on Radar Radio London:

Hypermedium w/ Jerome Soundsystem



Black Mecha – Counterforce

Profound Lore Records
January 12, 2018

Mobile Anzug Damgun
Inner Star War
Non-force Sensitive
Five Point Badge
Actual Edge
Victory Black Mecha
Axis E.P.

Black Mecha – Counterforce: limited double LP vinyl edition



Official Communiqué
November 13, 2017
Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry

Black Mecha – Counterforce

Internal Masonry announces: Counterforce, the crowning new release of mentation electronics, from Black Mecha. Out, on limited vinyl format, January 12, 2018, by Profound Lore Records.

Black Mecha – Counterforce provides raw beats and hooks, alongside reflexive black laser rays, cumulating in a type of sci-fi themed conceptual rhythm music for your mind/body; (one in the same).

The Counterforce visual art, adorned on the front and back cover, provides an advanced actualization of Internal Masonry S. Star Sigil rumination emanation metaphor technique of which encompasses special geometric based inner space mind constellation illustrations.

Please enjoy this music in your own way because that is the only way of Black Mecha.

-Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry


Profound Lore Records have posted “Actual Edge” from Counterforce for your listening pleasure:


Black Mecha – Star ’round Cane

Internal Masonry Publications
Midsummer’s Eve, 2017
black on black CD-R

High Ram
Star ’round Cane
Terminal Claw of Tibia
Malleus Mantearia
Preying Mantis
Ansuz Asterism

Black Mecha – Star ‘round Cane: limited black/black CD-R edition



Official Communiqué
May 5, 2017
Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry

Black Mecha – Star ‘round Cane

“Is there no relief for the widow’s son?”

Internal Masonry is privileged to announce: Star ‘round Cane, the monumental new album of maniacal minimalistic sound waves and beats from, bringer of mentation electronics, Black Mecha.

Star ‘round Cane was automated via mental ordinances from the Grand Lodge of Internal Masonry, and will be released via limited format on Midsummer’s Eve, 2017, through Internal Masonry Publications.

The evocatively themed music initiates domineering hooks as well as pensive miasmatic moments presented by way of electro patterns revolved in revelatory sinister song. The mentation electronics of Black Mecha – Star ‘round Cane incite sharpened sensual points for rumination in celebration of the five-pointed star of Internal Masonry.

The eleven tracks executed on Star ‘round Cane permeate murderously enticing harsh beats and patterns dictated under the firm discipline of Fortress Crookedjaw; Black Mecha is the wrath of the claw. Star ‘round Cane marks the plight for Eigenheit from both inside and out.