Black Mecha – Star ’round Cane

May 20, 2019
Cassette Tape

High Ram
Star ’round Cane
Terminal Claw of Tibia
Malleus Mantearia
Preying Mantis
Ansuz Asterism

Internal Masonry is most pleased to announce a limited cassette tape edition of Black Mecha – Star ‘round Cane released by, US based, Puerto Rican ally, Madriguera

Black Mecha – SrC tracks posted at Madriguera SoundCloud:

Black Mecha – Instar

Black Mecha – High Ram

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Black Mecha – Black Mechanical DJ set at The White Hotel

The Death of Rave
March 5, 2019
Cassette Tape

(1) Black Mechanical DJ set at The White Hotel

“This tape renders a recording of Black Mecha’s first Black Mechanical DJ set captured direct to microphone with no edits. Performing with the crowd to his back, Black Mecha proceeded to charge the air with deadly-focussed intent, powerfully iterating what he terms “Mentation Electronics”; maybe best understood as a transcendence of noumenal energy into meta/physics – or what is also known as hyperstition. Simultaneously eviscerating and yet life-affirming to attendees, the performance unleashed dark cosmic forces upon a crowd who were hypnotised into submission for the duration. You had to be there. But if you weren’t, this tape renders a tangible yet elusive document of that night – 60 minutes of pummelling bass ricocheting a Lower Broughton warehouse, interjected by shoooming smoke machine and cries of ecstasy/pain from those who crawled out of the woodwork to witness this rarely paralleled alignment of energies.”



Pentamerous Glossolalia

Internal Masonry Publications
February 15, 2019

Croww – Peristalsis
Nine Orifices – Winter’s Harsh Prick
Nine Orifices – Through Possession
Black Mecha – Moonstone Crystal
Black Mecha – Trivac

Internal Masonry is pleased to announce:  Pentamerous Glossolalia; a trilateral split release between Croww, Nine Orifices, and Black Mecha, on limited black/black CD-R format; featuring original screen-print art design by Pippi Zornoza.

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November 15, 2018

Black Mecha – Corundum UK Tour 

Black Mecha – Black Mechanical DJ set
London Contemporary Music Festival
Date: December 14, 2018
Location: Bloc; Unit 3; 39 Autumn St; Hackney Wick; London E3 2TT; UK

Black Mecha – Black Mechanical DJ set
Maximum Rot Electro Beat
Date: December 15, 2018
Location: The White Hotel; Unit 3, Dickinson Street; City of Salford; M3 7LW; UK

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The Death of Rave

-adv tickets: London CMF x The Death of Rave ; Manchester Appearance


Black Mecha – Corundum Asteria

Independent Woman Records
November 4, 2018
Cassette Tape

(1) Asterismal Adularescence
(2) Corundum Asteria
(3) Fourth Point Sapphire
(4) Cardinal Fourth Point Ruby

Internal Masonry presents: Black Mecha – Corundum Asteria, on limited cassette tape, by Independent Woman Records, NZ. The mentation electronic music expressed through the four tracks on Corundum Asteria explores the higher principals encompassed behind the Fourth Point of the Internal Masonic Five-pointed Star.

contact:                                                                                                              IWR