January 7, 2020

Black Mecha – Mechanised available on Boomkat

“We can surely say that Black Mecha’s staunch values are firmly in effect on ‘Mechanised’, the project’s Xth or 10th release since their ‘AA’ side landed like white hot space junk from an alien destroyer in 2015. The inclusion of panic-setting vocal samples from film and TV lends a key difference to this EP, cropping up at opportune junctures to light off the title track’s brain-drilling squabble and clawing rhythms, and suitably sparking up and sustaining the febrile churn of ‘Operations’, which comes on to grip like the rapid onset of influenza or some unidentified space sickness, before the roiling mass of ‘With Gunships’ burns out like a planet destroyer expending every last bit of laser energy on its way down.”    –Boomkat