November 15, 2018

Black Mecha – Corundum UK Tour 

Black Mecha – Black Mechanical DJ set
London Contemporary Music Festival
Date: December 14, 2018
Location: Bloc; Unit 3; 39 Autumn St; Hackney Wick; London E3 2TT; UK

Black Mecha – Black Mechanical DJ set
Maximum Rot Electro Beat
Date: December 15, 2018
Location: The White Hotel; Unit 3, Dickinson Street; City of Salford; M3 7LW; UK

-for more information: Fiktion
The Death of Rave

-adv tickets: London CMF x The Death of Rave ; Manchester Appearance


Black Mecha – Corundum Asteria

Independent Woman Records
November 4, 2018
Cassette Tape

(1) Asterismal Adularescence
(2) Corundum Asteria
(3) Fourth Point Sapphire
(4) Cardinal Fourth Point Ruby

Internal Masonry presents: Black Mecha – Corundum Asteria, on limited cassette tape, by Independent Woman Records, NZ. The mentation electronic music expressed through the four tracks on Corundum Asteria explores the higher principals encompassed behind the Fourth Point of the Internal Masonic Five-pointed Star.

contact:                                                                                                              IWR


Black Mecha – C Cquared

Internal Masonry Publications
July, Friday the 13th, 2018

(1) C Cquared
(2) Sircle Said
(3) Sircular

Black Mecha – C Cquared; limited EP black/black CD-R edition


Black Mecha – I Sent Sircle

Internal Masonry Publications
June 5, 2018
lathe cut 7” Vinyl

(1) Mind Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Rumination
(2) Sigil Sircle Cquare
(3) I Sent Sircle

Black Mecha – I Sent Sircle; limited lathe cut vinyl ed. & limited EP black/black CD-R ed.


also available on Boomkat for friends in the UK and Europe etc

Black Mecha – I Sent Sircle; limited lathe cut vinyl edition; OUT OF STOCK